This ZF39 type scope was made by K. Kahles in Wien. These 4×60 sniper scopes were given the code “cad” during WWII. They were used on SSR, LSR and high turret mounts (like this one).




  1. Hello,

    Just wondering if the Kahles scope you are showing on you website is a try “war time” scope. I have some doubts as I got an answer from Kahles company (regarding my Kahles scope), which claim they started with serial number (on the elevation turret)

    Below the info I got from Kahles. Do you have different info?

    The scope you are talking about is a KAHLES Heliavier.

    This model was manufactured from 1926 to 1937 for the civilian market and during World War II only for the Wehrmacht. At that time the H4/60 didn’t have serial numbers yet, just lot numbers (1-3 digits).
    . After KAHLES was allowed to produce again for the civilian market, H 4×60 were still manufactured until the mid-1960s. In the 1950ies we started with serial numbers and your scope with serial number 30301 has been produced in 1950.



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