Here is a not exhaustive list of some useful links and books about WWI and WWII snipers. If you wish to add a website or a book here, feel free to contact me.


The following website is not very relevant because it’s not related to the snipers theme but it’s about my other passion: Alpine minerals. Feel free to take a look !



  • The German Sniper: 1914-1945 – Peter R. Senich

  • Backbone of the Wehrmacht, Vol. II: Sniper Variations of the German K98k Rifle – Richard D. Law

  • Kreigsmodell Volume III – Mike Steves and Bruce Karem.

  • Scharfschützen Zielfernrohre und Montagen 1914-1939 (Sniper Scopes and Mounts 1914-1939) – Robert Spielauer

  • Scharfschützen Zielfernrohre und Montagen 1939-1945 (Sniper Scopes and Mounts 1939-1945) – Robert Spielauer

  • M91/30 Rifles and M38/M44 Carbines in 1941-1945 –  Alexander Yuschenko

  • Hitler’s Garand: German Self-Loading Rifles of World War II – W. Darrin Weaver