First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. For a fes years, I’ve been collecting sniper scopes of both World Wars, with a preference for the WWI german scopes. During these years, I learned a lot with the help of other collectors. In my opinion, I would not be very useful sharing my knowledge about sniper scopes since everything I know is already accessible in books or online. That’s why I decided to complete these very complete sources with pictures, pictures of scopes coming from my collection or from collecting friends. You can’t always share what you own in your collection but you can share pictures of it. That’s the point of this blog.

Like Robert Spielauer did in his beautiful books, this blog will focus on pictures and short description. For more complete information, I invite you to visit the links section, redirecting to websites and books containing everything you need to know on the subject.

I would like to thank all the people who support me and/or contribute to this blog by sending me pictures of their collections. If you want me to show scopes from your collection or other sniper-related items, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also, if you need more information, if you have something to sell here or if you wish to use the pictures of this blog, feel free to contact me at and I’ll do my best to help.

You can also push the “Follow” button in the lower right corner of the main page if you wish to be notified of future updates.


  1. Hi Sniper collections,

    A friend of mine has been handed down an Oigee Berlin Luxor scope from his grandfather.

    I was attached to a Mauser Werke.

    The scope is not in working order and he wants to get it repaired.

    Would you be able to point me in the direction of someone who can repair it?

    Many thanks,


  2. hello

    i have a question
    do you have an idea what the price is for
    a sniper scope in his case for a lee enfield

    best regards

  3. i have a 1939 i think its russian or german not sure all it has is 1939 serialno. 04484 no name brand any information would help also woul like to know the value of the scope it is in very good condition thank you.

  4. Hi, Laurent. My name Grigoriy and I buy and sell scopes on under nickname firefishco, I think we had contact via E-bay message. One of my client have interest to your collection sniper scope:1915 Periscopic Prism Company Ltd. Sniper scope, used on Enfield SMLE during WW1
    Would you like to sell and if yes, how much cost? If you don`t want to sell this particular scope please let me know if you will see same scope or found and bought.
    Best Regards,
    Grigoriy Gaditskiy, USA.

  5. Hi Laurent,
    I own a P14 sniper rifle #230579 which is sadly missing its scope and mount. Your site was brought to my attention by a good friend “valley sniper” who suggested I should contact you to see if you could help in any way to locate a pattern 1918 scope and mount for my rifle. If you have one for sale or know of someone who has can you please contact me. Many thanks, Paul Ellis

  6. The M on the ZF41 most likely means the screws are metric.
    Around 1940, that change slowly came with the standard 6×30 binoculars.
    On the 6×30 binoculars M means all screws are metric.

    It should be possible to measure the treads of the screws, to see if they match a metric thread.

  7. I have a scope that is marked C.P.GOERZ [above this is CERTAR [do you know what CERTAR means?
    Scope # 2 is marked OLGEE–BERLIN–0n the tower edge–GNOM 4 -[do you know that GNOM means?
    Anything you know about ether or both I would be great full for. Thank you for your time. Paul

  8. I have a gun that my grandfather passed down to me from ww2 it had some writing on it. The name DR w Gerard and then it has a some other stuff with a number 50 on it. Can you tell me anything about I would love to know anything you have on the gun is a mauser 270 double trigger set up.

  9. i need your phone no. to send pictures of my scope this is the only way i know how to send pictures thank you.

  10. Hi Laurent,

    For several reasons I was compelled to cancel my project of a book about blackpowder rifles.
    I am now working on a book about WW2 military rifles and I would like to use, with your permission, some picture to illustrate the chapter on sniper rifles.
    Thanks for the attention and best regards.


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  12. Hello,
    Do you have a way to check Ajack 4×90 scope serial number for the date of manufacture?
    Please help. Thank you.

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