Prussian scopes

This Dr. W. Gérard B3x sniper scope has an uncommon transitional straight lined mount. These mounts were completely offeset to allow the sniper to aim with the regular bore. They were replaced by half deported mounts on most of sniper scopes pretty early in the war.




This 3x sniper scope was made by Voigtländer in Braunschweig. A lot of these were used during WWI. This one is bearing the rifle serial number 1139 cc but its mounts bears a different number. Below you can see a b&w picture showing a German sniper using this scope in the trenches during winter 1916.

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Here is a complete set used by a German sniper during WWI. The scope was made by Oigee in Berlin, model Luxor 3x. The scope, mounts and carrying case bear the G98 serial number 7368 bb. The case also comes with its little cleaning brush and mount adjustement key.

The well-known picture below shows a German sniper aiming through a similar scope from its trench during WWI. Note the carrying case attached to its belt.


63892 mount 2543 - Copie - Copie (2)

The Oigee Berlin Luxor 3x scope was used in large number during WWI. This kind of deported mount was also widespread, allowing to aim with the regular sighting parts of the rifle without taking off the scope. This scope cames with its matching carrying case (rifle n° 2543 cc)

63892 mount 2543 - Copie - Copie

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C.P. Goerz Berlin 3x scope wearing the rifle number (gewehr. Nr.) 6876. Meter dial is Prussian style 1-10. This mount was one of the first interchangeable models made for sniper use, allowing to mount the scope on any other rifle fitted with the right bases without needing of gunsmith modifications.