Here we have an other rare sniper scope made by C.Reichert in Wien. It was used on the Mannlicher M95 sniper rifle. The E.A.XI. marking on the mount states for Erzeugungs Abteilung 11 (Production Department 11). Collection and pictures : Dariusz Marzec


DSC_0191 - Copie

PU sniper scope made in 1943 at the Progress plant factory. The different meter dial fonts on both adjustment turrets and the “CB” mark mean that this scope was originally made for SVT40 but has been modified later to be mounted on Mosin Nagant 91/30


Here is a ground-dug K.Kahles 4×60 wearing the war-code “cad”. The recoil ring tells that this scope was mounted on its K98k with a LSR mount. To some people, these dug scopes are just a piece of junk. For me these items are really interesting. While we’re seeing more and more fakes in our small collecting world, these pieces coming from the ground don’t lie on their history.

DSC_0356 - Copie

Here we have an early I.O.R. 4,25 x 28 sniper scope used on VZ.24 rifles. I.O.R. is the acronym for Întreprinderea Optică Română (Romanian Optical Enterprise). This major optics company established in 1936 in Bucharest, Romania.


W.R. Weaver Co. Mod. M73B1 sniper scope used on Remington or Springfield 1903 A4 rifles. This scope was originally the civilian Weaver 330 mod. C scope, slightly modified for sniper use during WWII.

Below : an excellent quality picture showing PFC Edward Foley with the 36th division (Italy 1944), holding his 1903A4 mounted with a Weaver M73B1 scope.


SSR Hensoldt Wetzlar Dialytan 4x

DSC_0485 - Copie

This is an early reworked G98 configuration with SSR mount (type 2) used by the SS.  We “often” see Ajack 4×90 scopes with this SS configuration but Hensoldt 4x scopes are much more uncommon, even more with matching mount and/or rifle. Note the typical SS runes on the elevation turret and the rifle serial number reported on the scope main tube. Collection and pictures : Dave Roberts



DSC_9592 - Copie

Another rare PEM scope also made in 1943, during the siege of Leningrad. Note the simplified Smirnskiy mount, expedient canvas lens covers and brass tube, roughly made of loose parts due to the lack of materials and machinery during the siege.

DSC_9589 - Copie

SS Dienstglas Ajack 4×90

a - Copie

Early civilian Ajack 4×90 scope modified to be used by the Waffen SS snipers. These scopes were used on reworked G98 rifles with SSR mount. Note the typical SS 1-3 meter dial and the rifle numbed engraved on the scope main tube. On the other side of the elevation turret should be a skull and cross bones along with SS runes and the marking “Diesntglas” but it was erased post-war on this scope.



Here is a very uncommon rifle scope made by the Société Belge d’optique (Gand) and used on Belgian Mauser 1935 or 1936. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a lot of information about this scope. Feel free to contact me if you can help, thank’s.


DSC_0001 - CopieEarly 1938 Progress PEM sniper scope on its lateral mount, also used on Mosin Nagant 91/30. This set is in pretty bad condition but at least the mount and scope matching condition eventually shows that they were not put together post-war.


_DSC0118 - Copie - Copie21943 dated PU scope, made by PRogress factory in Omsk, on a rare original Tula (plant n°314) SVT40 mount dated 1941. SVT40 sniper variants were produced from 1941 to 1942 so this PU scope doesn’t match its mount and was originally mounted on a Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle.


DSC_0036 - Copie

C.P. Goerz Berlin 3x scope wearing the rifle number (gewehr. Nr.) 6876. Meter dial is Prussian style 1-10. This mount was one of the first interchangeable models made for sniper use, allowing to mount the scope on any other rifle fitted with the right bases without needing of gunsmith modifications.